European Union divides opinions but on common currency we agree

Hanna Autio, Tomi Vainikka

The attitudes towards the European Union are not very positive at the moment. The prolonged economic crisis has weakened the belief in the survival of the Eurozone. The culmination of the crisis is seen in the study of Pew Global as worrying numbers.  

According to the research by Pew Global, the favorability of the EU has fallen from 60 percent to 45 percent only in one year. The southern nations of Spain, Italy and Greece seem to have the most problems, while at the same time Germany seem to have overall most positive view about the situation and its development.

To take an example, 97 percent of Greeks, 96 of Italians and 94 of Spaniards are not satisfied to their countries economic development. The difference is significant compared to Germany where less than half of the people – 41 percent – are not satisfied.

Also the belief in the future is most pessimistic in southern nations and most optimistic in northern parts:


Source: Pew Research

Although there is a clear north-south division, there is something where they all agree. The common currency Euro, seem to remain in public favor. When asked if we should keep the Euro: 69 percent of Greeks, 67 of Spaniards, 64 of Italians and 66 of Germans, says yes.

The public opinion seems to be the same in Finland. Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat ordered a study to find out Finns attitudes towards European Union. According to that research, 51 percent of Finns feels that the best thing EU has achieved, is the common currency Euro.

Similar results can be found from a eurobarometer´s Finnish national report (fall 2012) where almost 50 percent of the interviewees said the common currency to be one of the three best achievements of European Union.

According to these studies Finns were also satisfied with peace between the member states, free movement and profitable interest levels.


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