This is the EU superstate

Group 1: Anni Emilia Alentola and Joonas Heinonen

It is so easy to travel and move from one European Union state to another this day. But what would the ultimate super country be like if all the successful people of the EU moved to one area and all the best parts of different EU countries were put together? We found it out by choosing international indicators most significant and reliable for comparing achievements of society.

The population of the superstate is almost 19 million people, which is the average population of the EU. 16 percent of the state’s inhabitants are German and 0.08 percent of inhabitants are Maltese.

The GDP of the superstate is 477.75 billion euros, which is the average GDP of 27 EU countries. The currency of the state is of course euro which is used in 17 of the 27 EU countries.

There are 23 official languages in the state, of which mostly spoken is German, spoken by 16 percent of the state’s inhabitants. The largest religion in the state is Christianity.

Finnish education in German schools

According to Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), the education in superstate should be arranged by Finland. Finnish students are the number one in the world in literacy, mathematics and sciences. The education should be arranged by the German universities. Germany has 24 universities in the top-hundred list of the world universities.

The energy, which runs the whole superstate, is primarily produced by France who produced 17 percent of the whole EU area’s energy in 2011.

The strong leader of the superstate is most often either French or Italian. France has had five leaders and Italy four among the all-time leaders of the United Nations, NATO and IMF.

Experts are mainly British

If you look at the Nobel Prize winners of all time, in our superstate the best doctors come from United Kingdom, the chemistries come from both Germany and United Kingdom, peacemakers are from France, economics come from Britain and the physicist are from Germany.

In the Nobel Prizes there is a huge variation: when United Kingdom has 119 awards, some of European Union countries have no awards at all – countries including Estonia and Slovakia for example. Today slightly ironically Cyprus has its only award in – economics.

And finally the culture and sports

According to both Oscar’s awards and Cannes awards, the best films of superstate are made by the Italians and the British. The best writers are French – with 15 Nobel Prizes of literature.

The best athletes come definitely from the United Kingdom. The British have won total 780 Olympic medals of which 236 are golden.

And when thinking of the most beautiful women, by the Miss Universe competition winners, they come from Sweden, who has got the title three times.

Conclusions? It seems that most populated and economically most powerful EU countries rule the major of the areas of all-European society. But as you can see, there are a lot of achievements by minor states too.


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