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Can islands save Greece from debt crisis?

May 31, 2011

By Piia Simola, Henni Laitinen and Jussi Soini (Group 3)

Want to buy a Greek island? Go ahead. There are 6000 islands in Greece, only 277 of which are populated. Selling these sun resorts could help the country cover its huge debt. But just in case you’re out of cash – who could buy such paradises for real?



What to do with the paperless people?

May 31, 2011

By Hanna Apajalahti and Anna Nuutinen (Group 8 )

While Schengen agreement has opened the internal borders of Europe to the free movement, there is a constantly growing pressure that targets the outer borders. Recent turmoil in northern Africa has made it even stronger. Certainly not all who get into Europe get the legal immigrant status. The highly problematic illegal immigration and employment seem to be on the rise.

Five ways to bring the European Parliament closer to people

May 31, 2011

Group 4: Anna-Rosa Polso, Pulmu Holmberg, Netta Vuorinen

Only 43 percent of Europeans voted during the last europarliamentary elections. The reason for poor voting activity is simple: many people feel that their vote does not really matter.


Farewell to euro?

May 30, 2011

By Irina Mikkola and Maiju Majamaa

Is leaving euro mere utopia?

Over a third, 35%, of the True Finns party –supporters feel that Finland should leave EU. This is transpired by a survey conducted in the beginning of 2011 by TNS Gallup for Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.

18 per cent of the answerers thought that Finland should stay in the EU, but give up euro as a currency.

All parties don’t feel the same away: only eleven per cent of the Coalition party wants to abandon euro, and among the Green party the percentage is 16.


The climate change may explode the number of environmental refugees

May 30, 2011

Group 6: Tiina Paasonen, Jenni Uusilehto, Miia Vähähyyppä

Developing countries are threatened by different kinds of environmental changes. IPCC estimates that weakening in living conditions can cause more than 50 million environmental refugees escaping their home region by the year 2020. Where do those people go? Are European Union countries potential to place these refugees? How should EU be prepared to such high number of environmental refugees? (more…)

Wanted: MEPs with knowledge

May 27, 2011

By: Sirpa Hammarberg, Elina Rantalainen and Eeva Ristkari (group 1)

Parliament is a nation in miniature, but do we REALLY want that? In a society there are people who have good output, but nothing inside the hat. And, on the other hand, people with a lot of wisdom and horrible output. Which one you would like to be the one pushing the vote button in the European Parliament?

Good output, lots of wisdom?



May 26, 2011

this is the first paragragraph