We’d rather be Swedes…

Viivi Pietiläinen
Merja Laavola
Jenni Suomalainen


Finnish people have always envied the Swedes. The two countries have been competing in all areas. Now when Greece is in a deep financial crisis, we have even more reason to envy our sweet neighbor. Sweden belongs to European Union but they have their own currency. So they don’t have to pay but we have. Fair?

The Creek government has been living beyond its means. Now the whole European monetary system is in danger to collapse. Euro countries are forced to help Greece by lending money. Finland has to pay 1.6 billion euro – 300 euro per head. Bill could easily rise.

Mission markka

Should we take Finnish markka back. It’s not possible but still some people are trying.

“EU and euro should go to hell!” said a debater in iltalehti.fi discussion board. There’s also a petition for taking markka back. It has only 45 signatures though.


One Response to “We’d rather be Swedes…”

  1. peterverweij Says:

    What is that picture doing? Who are they, why is this important? Need a caption. But how is Sweden doing outside the EU. At the end you are undermining your statement, because there is not much enthusiasm to leave the euro zone.

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