To help or not to help?

Kira Autiosuo, Sanni Sorjonen

Greece has lived over its wollet for too long and coutrys dept has grown almost to 300 billion euros. Now Greece is not getting any bond in reasonable prices and the counry is sinking. The question in everyones lips is  ”Should we help Greece or not? And what will happen if we don´t?”

In worst case scenario this could be an encore for the year 1932 when Greece bankrupted last time. Hopefully not because then Greece wheren´t part of the EU and the bankrupcy didn´t effect so widely. No the bankrupcy will be every euro country´s worry.

In Finland citizens opinion seems to be quite polarized:

– According to Taloussanomat 82 % of respondents is worried that the crisis will globalize

– According to Helsingin Sanomat over 50 % of respondents thinks that we have to help other EU’s Member States when they have problems

– According to Iltasanomat 195 000 respondents thinks that Finland is planning to help Greece with too big amount.

Finnish member of parliament Paavo Arhinmäki wrote in his blog that finnish left-wing party doesn’t accept theFinlands goverments plan to support Greece with 1,7 billion euros.

”This supporting package for Greece seems to be concentrating to saving the banks, not theGreece nationals. The ones who caused this financial crisis did get the winnings, but the losses will be payed by Grecian citizens”, Arhinmäki wrote.


One Response to “To help or not to help?”

  1. peterverweij Says:

    Why do you include 1932? What is the implication of this.
    Give the soverign dept in % of gdp not in totals.
    Who are the respondents of the survey? Is that a random sample of readers; website, finish populations etc? Can you generalize the figure?
    How strong is that left wing party in parliament? Is there a majority to bail out Greece?

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