The rescue loan for Greece arouses intense discussion in Finland

The Finnish Parliament in session. Photo: The Press Service of the Finnish Parliament

Finland’s rescue loan of 1.6 billion euros to help Greece recover from the economical crisis was discussed in the Finnish Parliament on May 4th. The colourful discussion took over 7 hours and more than 100 statements were used.

“Participation in the financial rescue package to help Greece is probably a better option for the Finns than letting Greece fall into liquidation”, the Minister of Finance Jyrki Katainen pointed out.

The decision has also aroused discussion among the Finnish MEPs. In her blog Liisa Jaakonsaari writes: ”Friends need to be helped, but a deceitful friend is hard to help. Greece has been a treacherous EU member in a way that is now endangering the whole euro area.”

According to another Finnish MEP Timo Soini: “Greece has no chance to repay existing loans, but over time they will be forgiven! And the Finnish people will pay for it.”

The EU and IMF have agreed on bailing out 110 billion Euros for debt-stricken Greece. The loan is divided to 30 billion for IMF and 80 billion between the EU countries. The biggest single lender is Germany with 22.4 billion Euros. Even Spain, also in a bit of a crisis itself, has affirmed to loan 10 billion Euros.

Anne Vilenius, Miia Turunen


One Response to “The rescue loan for Greece arouses intense discussion in Finland”

  1. peterverweij Says:

    Good news perspective: debate in finnish parliament; balanced with quotes from the members and the minsiter. picture with caption. Perhaps interesting to compare parliament opinion with the public opinion.

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