The loan will not make the life in Greece easier

Pauliina Jokinen, Anette Lehmusruusu, Miina Poikolainen

Policy-makers all over Europe are wondering whether to help Greece out of it’s economic trouble by loaning money or not. For EU-countries it is not only about helping Greece but to avoid economic catastrophe in their own country.

Decisions made in EU-countries are affecting radically to the welfare of the people of Greece.

Demonstrations in Greece have been going on for months. It has been predicted that at least million greeks will be out of work because of the crisis.

According to demonstator Nikolaus Mavidis quoted by Helsingin Sanomat “people are demonstrating because stupid politicians have sold Greece to EU”.

Greeks are protesting against banks and government.

Altough Greece would get loan it wouldn´t make the life of greeks better: In order to Greece can pay loan back in time it would for example have to raise taxes and age of the retairement, cut the pensions and money spend to health-care.

” Greece will degenerate to same level as it was in the 1950´s for a long period of time”, says the head of the Finnish Institute of Athens Martti Leiwo to Talouselämä.


One Response to “The loan will not make the life in Greece easier”

  1. peterverweij Says:

    Interesting news angle: consequences for the greec workers. What the trade unions in Greece saying, what is the estimation of the income consequences. Need a caption for the picture.

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