Stay together for better or worse?

Kaisa-Maija Pitkäniemi

The crisis of euro is like a bad polygamical marriage. The Euro countries married with the high hopes of creating something bigger than life. After the honeymoon, it turned out that all the partners were not like they appeared to be in the beginning. There has been cheating, lying and reckless spending on the money. The worst cheater of all seems to be Greece. Yes, it did it, but were the others like nice housewives who just closed the eyes and pretended like it did not happen.

The situation can be clearly seen in this frightening picture of Europe´s Web of Debts. We are in this together. We said Yes in the altar and the years together have tied us together in the same web.

Now the euro countries have to decide. They either stick together and try to make the marriage to work even if it would take a lot of sacrifices, or they make a difficult decision, which no-one dares to say aloud. The saying the D-word is as hard as in the strict Catholic environment. Only few dare to use it. One of them is the respected economist Paul Krugman. Sometimes it is better to leave than stay in the bad marriage. Would it be so awful? Divorce.


One Response to “Stay together for better or worse?”

  1. peterverweij Says:

    nice simile! But you did not use it to explain the situation in more detail. At the end it comes back with divorce, interesting! but would be nice to include quotes from Krugman.

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