Limited options for Greece

George Papandreou

‘The parliament of Greece voted on the adjustment package on 6th of May. The parliament adopted the package with votes  172-121, The Social Democrats and The Radical Right supporting the package.

“We have taken these decisions for Greece and we have taken these decisions for Europe. The need to safeguard Euro-zone goes beyond Greece’s problems” said George Papandreou, the prime minister of Greece in a national briefing of the Commission on 7th May.

The main elements of the program are to increase VAT on consumer products such as alcohol, tobacco and gasoline. It includes freezing the public sector’s wages and lifting the age of retirement from 53 to 67.

Other possibilities for Greece to recover from the crisis could be the privatization of state-owned companies and properties.

Siina Leppä, Marjut Laukia, Heidi Kähkönen


One Response to “Limited options for Greece”

  1. peterverweij Says:

    A little too general. Give details of the restructuring plan: opinion in Greec parliament, trade unions; and would would be the opinion of the EU about these plan, what is the finnish angle?

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