Greek crisis might be disastrous to tourism

Last thursday Greek lawmakers approved the government’s 30 billion euro austerity bill in a vote in parliament, which was met with violent and large-scale protests outside the parliament house.

The increasingly violent demonstrations, that have so far claimed three lives, come as the spring tourist season is getting under way. Tourism accounts for about 16 percent of Greece’s gross domestic product and about one in five jobs, according to estimates by the London-based World Travel and Tourism Council.

In Athens there have already been signs that the crisis is keeping tourists away. Hotel occupancy in the city fell 1.4 percent in the year through March, according to STR Global. In an effort to keep the tourists coming, Greek National Tourism Organization created a special crisis management committee to counter the impact of the negative image of Greece broadcast recently around the world.

– Politicians should cooperate to solve unitedly a crisis created by all and business people should show a different image of a Greece which has a vision for progress, social justice and prosperity. Otherwise the effects will be destructive, said Nikos Aggelopoulos, head of the Federation of Greek Tourism Enterprises.

Juho Typpö, Heli Tarkiainen


One Response to “Greek crisis might be disastrous to tourism”

  1. peterverweij Says:

    good news angle: new perspective; good have a short video of the front. And the quote is good.

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