It is not only a generation gap, but a gap in the Internet use

The Europeans are fond of the Internet. One study showed that the most active Internet users were about 30-year-old women and men who come “outside middle class income”. What can the last characteristics mean? Maybe they are rich or poor, but they surely hang on the net constantly. That is not anymore a generation gap but a different life-style. Microsoft (who else) predicts that the use of the Internet is overthrowing tv watching in Europe in the coming year.

At the same time while the EU is fighting the sea pirates on the coastline of Somalia, we have our own on-line pirates in Sweden, Germany and Finland. The Swedish Pirate party will have a change to get at least one representative in the EU Parliament election this time. This should be good news and increase the voting turnaround among the commonly politically passive part of the younger voters.

So, tremble, EU Parliament, the Pirates are coming!

It will be exciting to look over the Baltic Sea, how the Swedish pirates sale to the south, to Strasbourg (or should they fly?) but before that they must get their voters to part form their beloved screens on the 7th of June. Usually it has not been impossible for the young to do that. The older voters have been more passive at the EU elections.

To get a representative in the Parliament the Sweden Pirate party must get 100 000 votes, which is not an impossible task, if the winds are favourable enough.

And now, the saddest part of this blog: Finnish Pirate party just finished its collection of supporters´ names and became late for this EU election. Maybe that is why we never were real Vikings, either? The Swedes founded their Piratepartiet already in 2006. Pirates need a captain, this time the party leaders got more media publicity and gained popularity with their court sentences, than they otherwise would have done.

In the EU the older generations decide what is for them the most important – profits, licences, GNP growth, free markets etc. but these pirates made their causes first a practise and now defend it. Felony is tempting, when there seems to be no other way around.

Will the future EU Internet laws make us all pirates while surfing the net?

Anne Kosonen



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