EU is checking its youth policy

The European Commission has published the first EU Youth Report in April. The report gives us interesting information and statistics about the situation of the young citizens, aged 15-29. That is almost 20 % of the whole population.

Now, when the European Elections are just around the corner, an interesting point is that less than 40 % of young people have trust in politicians and political parties. In Finland it can be seen in a research that tells that every other citizen has difficulties in choosing the right candidate who to vote. And especially difficult it is for young voters. I believe that one of the reasons actually is that young people now too little about the EU. In the last elections, the voting percent was only 40.

Another interesting figure is the unemployment figure, which has gone up since the economical situation is bad. In the EU more than one third of youngsters aged between 15 and 24 are not in education, employment or training. Around 2 million young people have mental problems. The chairman of the Finnish Central Association for Mental Health, Pekka Sauri, spoke in Pori, Finland, this weekend and his concern was unemployment especially among young people. There are half as much young people without a job in Finland now than a year ago. Sauri believes that this may be a serious threat for young people’s mental health.
It’s good that the European Commission has adopted a new EU strategy for youth policy for the next decade.

The goals of the Youth – Investing and Empowering strategy are
– to create more opportunities in education and employment
– to improve access and full participation of young people in society
– to foster solidarity between youth and society.

The EU Youth Report will be published every three years in the future.

Miia Koskelainen


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