Eastern neighbour talks big

080507-Medvedev-hmed-145a.hmediumEU and Russia had a summit in Khabarovsk, Russia last week. The summit became a fiasko. First of all, it took place in Khabarovsk, a city which no one knows, somewhere near the border of China and Russia, in Siberia. You rememeber, the same place where Stalin used to send people. THAT PLACE. The president of Russia, Dmitri Medvedev argued that they chose this particular place in order to show the europeans how enormous great Russia is.

Well, they really saw it. The flight took over 12 hours from Brussels. Talk about a climate policy, too.

Secondly, it looks like Medvedev asked the europeans to pay a visit only for that he could tell how much they have power over the EU. The leverage of that power is called natural gas. That leverage was in use in January, when Russia stopped delivering gas to Europe because Ukraine had problems with paying their bills. And just about all of the natural gas comes to Europe via Ukraine.

Now Medvedev wanted to remind that they could do it again. How nice that you gathered a summit meeting to tell just that, Dmitri! It was nice to be as your guest!

In addition Medvedev told that the EU should give some money to Ukraine to ensure that EU gets its gas. Thank you for the advise, Dmitri.

I am disappointed. I was so happy when Medvedev became a president after the autocratic Vladimir Putin. Medvedev promised to fight against corruption in Russia and to contribute to democracy. But now it looks rather bad: Medvedev is starting to remind us about the good old days of the cold war: ”we got the power and you don’t”-play. Because the old playmate USA has strengthen too much turns Russia to European Union. I hope both stop before it hurts.

Reetta Nurmo


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