Sweden to allow gay marriage?

Sweden is on the brink of allowing same-sex marriage

From the first of May this year, homosexual couples in Sweden may be able to get married. This is what the new motion from three of the Swedish governing parties proposes. Moderata samlingspartiet, Centerpartiet and Folkpartiet liberalerna put forward a motion on Wednesday. The motion, if passed, will give same-sex couples the right to marry.

According to a study conducted by the Swedish television, more than two thirds of all Swedish priests are willing to wed same-sex couples. Of the 1,700 priests who participated in the study, about 20% stated they would not be willing to wed a gay couple.

The only governing party to oppose the new proposition is Kristdemokraterna. According to the party leader Göran Hägglund, the motion is in direct conflict with the freedom of religion. In his blog he states that it is the constitutional right of all church communions to judge who they wed themselves. It should not, according to Hägglund, be stated by law. Therefore no church communion should be forced to wed a same-sex couple.

Kristdemokraterna have prepared a motion of their own. In contrast to the motion brought forward by the other governing parties, their bill suggests that the church should be stripped of the right to wed couples altogether.  It also proposes an abandonment of the term marriage.

According to the party, their proposition would increase the equality in general. If their motion is passed, all couples would register their partnership outside of the church – as is presently the custom with same-sex marriages . The party states that their motion is logical, since the church and the state are separated in Sweden.

The proposition made by Kristdemokraterna is not likely to pass, since they are the only party supporting it.  The other bill, however, is likely to pass.

Watch the TT-video commenting the recent proposition (in Swedish).


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