ICELAND PART 1 Two policemen hurt in riots – were hit by rocks

polisThe riots have been going on almost continuously since Tuesday in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik. On Wednesday night two policemen got injured and transported to the hospital the protesters threw rocks at them.

–    There were riots and the police had to use tear gas,” police spokesman Gunnar Sigurdsson said according to Reuters. “It went on for two hours or so”.

Also: Critical videos posted on YouTube

A special open meeting held by the Reykjavik section of the Social Democrats gathered hundreds of people on wednesday evening. The meeting recommended that the Social Democrats leave the current government coalition and demand new elections to be held in may 2009. “As the news filtered outside, the protesters’ mood lifted, and something of a carnival atmosphere prevailed for a time,” reports.ICELAND-PM/

Yesterday, PM Geir Haarde had to take cover in his car as the protesting crowd threw eggs and snowballs at him outside the Government building. His car was later surrounded by the crowd that banged on it and threw eggs.

In general, protesters call for new elections and are angry for the calls to be rejected. The protesters have also lit many bonfires in the city centre as part of the protests. According to BBC over 2000 people have joined the demonstrations, and are the largest since 1949 on Iceland.

More about the origins in the demonstrations in Part 2.

Critics gather on YouTube

Many postings expressing criticism against the Icelandic government have been posted on YouTube during the last months. Videos include critical interviews, as well as satirical comments, even jokes.

Sildeshow with pictures of the demonstration


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